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  • International Dog Shipping

    Mister Max is an international pet transport regular. He loves pet flights from NYC to Paris non stop enough to bark - "c'est magnifique!".

  • Pet Transport UK

    Cat international shipping gets this little guy back and forth from Europe on the red-eye...

  • Exotic Bird Transport

    Animal Transport Europe gets this pretty boy went back home to Austria for a visit and brighten up his colors - He decided to stay.

  • International Pet Moving

    This Harlem cat loves pet overseas moving more than her scratching post.

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We Transport Your Pet Around the Corner or Around The World...
Fast, Safe & Secure Pet Relocation.

NYC Pet Taxi

A trip to the vet or time to do her nails - door to door service. Purrrrr!

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Dog Flights

International animal transport: we're make sure it's first class all the way.

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International Pet Moving

There are many ins and outs to moving animals and we make sure everything is crossed off the "to do" list.

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AE Pets Testimonials

"I used AE Pets international pet relocation service to transport my dog, Fergie, from New York to Melbourne, Australia. I researched and contacted many organisations, but AE Pets was the only company that would accommodate me given my difficult transport need. They managed to keep in constant contact with me during the entire process. Fergie is now happily in Melbourne and I am a very satisfied customer."
Belinda Wilson- Melbourne, Australia

"I had to send my dog George to live with my sister who lives in California. Within 24 hours AE Pets had his flight details and was very detailed about all the safety measures. I felt very comfortable letting them transport George to the airport.
He arrived at LAX happy and safe within a few hours and I was happy too."
Renaissance Cokljat - New York, NY

"I needed to get my dog Prancer to my sister's home in Nebraska... I was kept up to date on everything through the entire process... Every detail was covered, including AE Pets dropping off the cage at my apartment a week before the trip so Prancer could get used to the space. They also followed up with my sister afterwards to make certain Prancer was safe and enjoying herself in the countryside. I would recommended PetGo to all pet-owners for any size job.”
D. Wallace, New York, NY.