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Upgrading to a Top-Flight transport means your dog or cat is treated with super-extra pampering.  This includes manicures/pedicures, grooming, as well as one of our drivers staying with your pet at the cargo facility until the absolute last minute.   Additional options include a live cam aimed at your pet that allows you to view your pet’s progress through his/her trip–with the exception of actually being in the cargo hold, but give us time.   We also offer charter flight service, which means your dog or cat skips their stay at the cargo facility altogether, and they ride in-cabin with the humans. 

AE Pets International has access to the largest network of private flight operators to enable you to choose the most suitable, efficient and economical aircraft for your pet’s (and your) flight anywhere in the world. With a wide range of aircraft, our network of flight operators will enable you to choose the most suitable, efficient and economical aircraft for your international travel.  For important information on charter flights, please click here.

Regardless of whether your pet is transported overseas via commercial airline or private jet, extensive paperwork and considerations may be required on both departure and destination sides.    We will make sure you don’t have to concern yourself with any of these details.

Feel free to call or email with any questions concerning the relocation of pets overseas.

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