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Exotic Pets

It is estimated that 5 million American households have a pet other than a cat or a dog.
There are several entities involved in transporting exotic pets internationally: The country of origination, the country of destination, US Fish and Wildlife, the veterinarian, the airlines, the destination country’s governing bodies, CITES and IATA.

Pet owners must contact each and every one of these entities when transporting their exotic bird internationally. Alternatively, AE Pets International can contact these entities on your behalf.

For exotic animals other than those below, such as horses, fish, water mammals, or exotic felines, please email AE Pets at:


AE Pets is currently involved in transporting domesticated Russian foxes to homes throughout the United States. Please click here for more information.


Some domestic airlines allow small pets to travel in the cabin, under the owner’s seat. This includes domestic birds. However, many airlines—especially international airlines—will not allow exotic birds in the cabin. In these instances, the birds will need to be flown as unchecked baggage, i.e. cargo.

Rabbits and Hamsters

Rabbits and Hamsters must be placed in an IATA-approved crate and travel as checked baggage. Most countries have not established any rules for either of these pets. In order for you to enter a foreign country with your rabbit or hamster, a certificate of good health from your veterinarian should be adequate.

Turtles & Frogs

Many airlines accept turtles and frogs inside the cabin. They must be in an IATA-compliant carrier and cannot be removed from the carrier during the flight.


Reptiles are not the best animal for travel. Airlines will only accept reptiles as air cargo. Again, they must be in an IATA-compliant carrier. Check with the airline you plan on using because different airlines have different rules for handling reptiles.


Rules for airlines are airline specific. Check with your airline that you are flying.