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Pet Relocation:  Pet Charter Flight

Starting Spring of 2017, we are offering pet-owners the opportunity to put their pet(s) in-cabin on a private charter pet flight, accompanied by other pets. A ‘premium’ pet flight will depart from The United States and arrive anywhere in the US or overseas.   During the pets’ journey, one of our professional pet chaperons will escort the pets and attend to any of their needs.   Each flight will leave at a designated time and date.   Pricing and availability will be based on supply and demand.  Think of it as a sort of co-op pet-airline, where the cost of the pet charter will be divided among all passengers/pets.     The prices will go down as more pet-owners sign up.  When the cost per pet settles into a more reasonable level, the pet owners, as a group, will be given the opportunity to ‘lock-in’ that price.  A pet can also travel unattended by its owner, if they so choose.

Prices also include all processing of all veterinary and customs paperwork required in both the United States as well as the foreign country, if it is an international flight.

If the co-op pricing fails to reach an affordable level, then we will still provide you full service through conventional in-cargo means.   Pet transport by cargo is completely safe, of course, and is the method by which we transport most pets, every day, to destinations all over the world. Cargo simply does not provide the luxury accommodations as an in-cabin charter experience.

Prices for the premium pet flights can start at $7000 per pet for international and $3500 for domestic.  Same prices apply to humans.

Please contact us for more details.  Or complete the below questionnaire to get on the ‘list’ for the next international pet charter flight.

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