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Domestic Rates

Transportation by Air

Domestic relocation, by airline, to most destinations within the United States will usually start at around $900. This depends on many factors, and will always include airfreight costs and paperwork. It may also include airline-approved crates, airport cargo check-in, veterinarian paperwork and procedures, as well as all ground transportation required to perform these tasks. Hiring AE Pets simply means you will not have to give it any thought. Using a pet transportation company may not be the least expensive option, but can be the most practical.

Transportation by Ground

Many pet owners are not comfortable with their pets traveling in an airline cargo hold. Ground transportation costs depend entirely on distance. Also, minimal preparation is required. However, ground transportation is more costly. Rates run at approximately $1.75 per mile round-trip for transports over 100 miles.  Give us a call for an exact quote.