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AE Pets International can transport your pet to practically any location on earth, and everywhere in between. Domestic and Regional Transportation includes any destination within the United States, accessible by air or ground. Regional Transportation usually means transporting a pet by ground from a place such as Los Angeles or New York to a destination such as Washington D.C. or Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Choosing Air or Ground Transportation

There are typically two methods of transporting a pet domestically: air and ground. (Note: trains and buses no longer accept pets). Depending on the distance, air is typically more economical. However, when transporting your pet to more regional destinations, air becomes more impractical and ground becomes the better option—much like with humans.

The cut-off between what is more practical between flying and driving is typically dictated by the number of days of driving required. Anything more than one day of round-trip driving may not be cost effective. Ground rates are approximately $1.60 per mile, round trip. Contact us for an exact quote.

Air Transportation

Some pet-owners choose ground over air, regardless of distance, because they would rather not leave their pet in the airlines’ hands. The airlines are a safe mode of travel for pets. However, some pet-owners just don’t feel comfortable with putting their pet through the rigors of flight. In addition, preparation for any flight can require extensive research, from getting the correct crate to taking their pets to a veterinarian for the proper health examination.

While flying a pet domestically requires much less leg-work than flying them internationally, there are still several steps that must be followed to the letter in order to get a pet safely onto a plane and to its destination. It can be a very stressful endeavor.

You can alleviate the stress by leaving these tasks to us. It can be as simple as us coming to your home to fetch your cat or dog. Then we will meet you with your pet at your destination—sometimes on the same day.

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