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Exotic Bird Guidelines

See the below summary information on exotic birds. Transporting an exotic bird internationally can be more difficult than internationally transporting most other pets.

For exotic animals such as horses, fish, water mammals, or exotic felines, please email AE Pets Transportation at:

Exotic Birds

AE Pets can perform the steps required to export or import an exotic bird to or from a foreign country. Expect the entire process to take from 2 to 6 months.

AE Pets Transportation will deal with several entities during the process on your behalf: The country of origination, the country of destination, the veterinarian, the airlines, US Fish and Wildlife, destination country’s governing bodies, CITES and IATA.

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

(CITES). This is an international governing body that exists to protect those species that are endangered, or threatened to be endangered. Before steps are taken to export or import an exotic bird, the Appendices of CITES must be referenced to determine at what level the exotic bird is categorized. Some birds, due to their level of endangerment, may be prohibited from traveling to a foreign country. An application process is required in order to receive a CITES permit for Level II and Level III exotic birds. PetGO can take this entire process out of your hands.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USFW)

This is the federal government body that oversees the safe travel of pets to foreign countries. It exists primarily to protect the animal population from inhumane methods and threats. In the case of transporting exotic birds, the USFW focuses on the structure and safety of the container in which an exotic bird travels. The USFW operates by a strict set of IATA guidelines governing the design of the travel crates. A crate must pass an inspection by an official USFW inspector before the bird is allowed to take the next step in the process. AE Pets International can provide crates that will be approved by the USFW for travel.

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)


The USDA enforces the rules that provide for the disease-free export or import of pets. The USDA inspects any health documents relating to an exotic bird being prepared for international transport. AE Pets can navigate the health exam, vaccination and certificate process from the point of the initial examination by a USDA-approved veterinarian to the endorsement by the USDA. It is important that this whole process be seamless during the entire progression.


The airlines each operate by their own set of rules regarding the export or import of exotic birds. Different airlines serve different destinations. AE Pets understand the requirements of each airline.

Accredited Veterinarian

AE Pets has a list of USDA-accredited veterinarians located in every corner of the New York Metropolitan Area. If the destination or origin is other than New York, AE Pets has affiliates across the United States who can assist in locating the right veterinarian.