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International Pet Shipping Rates

Several days may be necessary to research and determine all requirements needed to transport your pet(s) overseas. If you are not on a time budget but are on a financial budget, then you can always relocate your pet on your own. However, if you are too overwhelmed with other commitments, AE Pets can transport your pet for you.


International pet relocation to common destinations such as Western Europe will usually start at around $2500. This depends on many factors and will always include airfreight costs and paperwork. It may also include airline-approved crates, international check-in, destination vet inspection, customs-clearance, domestic veterinarian paperwork and procedures, USDA endorsement as well as all ground transportation required to perform these tasks. However, some foreign destinations have requirements that are extensive and may cost significantly more.

Hiring AE Pets simply means you will not have to give it any thought. Using AE Pets as your pet transporter is the best option to use for your peace of mind.