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Customer Quotes

We worked with Jim of AE Pets to move our two conures – Louis & Tink – from Connecticut, USA to Vienna, Austria. Jim was extremely professional, and provided valuable information throughout the entire process. In particular, AE Pets pointed out very specific import/export requirements set by the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFW), the USDA, and the European Union (EU). AE Pets provided airline approved kennels, arranged for and performed various government inspections, and checked our birds in on a non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean. When it comes to moving with pet birds internationally, we cannot recommend anyone more than AE Pets.
Peter K., Vienna, Austria

Jim at AE Pets recently transported my Cockapoo, Manny, from NYC to Portland, OR. Manny had never been on a plane before. Jim was very attentive and kept communicating with me throughout the process. He picked Manny up from my apartment – Manny had a roomy, clean crate with plenty of water – I provided food for the trip and Manny’s bed. I picked Manny up from the cargo terminal at Portland Airport – Manny was wagging his tail as he was let out of the crate and seemed to have had a safe, stress-free journey.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Jim and AE Pets for transporting Lola. The service provided was excellent.
Miles Stewart, Vancouver, WA

I needed to get my dog Prancer to my sister’s home in Nebraska for the summer and chose to work with AE Pets. I was kept up to date on everything through the entire process, including what forms I would need from the vet for Prancer to be allowed to fly.

Every detail was covered, including AE Pets dropping off the cage at my apartment a week before the trip so Prancer could get used to the space. My contact at AE Pets even showed up with the driver and personally got Prancer to the airport. Talk about personalized service. He also followed up with my sister afterwards to make certain Prancer was safe and enjoying herself in the countryside. I would recommended AE Pets to all pet-owners for any size job.
D. Wallace, New York, NY.

I had to send my dog George to live with my sister who lives in California due to my extremely busy work schedule in NYC. George is not just a pet to me, but his is my family. I was really worried about sending him there via a pet transport service. So, I started researching on the Internet. I found and called PetGO and was greeted by a representative who was extremely professional. He asked very specific and detailed questions about George and his move. Then he got back to me within hours with a quote. Within 24 hours he had George’s flight details and was very detailed about all the safety measures. I felt very comfortable letting AE Pets transport George to the airport. George arrived at LAX happy and safe within a few hours and I was happy too. I would recommend AE Pets to all my friends and family, and would use them again for any pet transport needs.
Renaissance Cokljat – New York, NY

I used AE Pets services to transport my dog, Fergie, from New York to Melbourne, Australia. I researched and contacted many organizations, but AE Pets transportation was the only company that would accommodate me given my difficult transport need. My case was particularly difficult for a few reasons. First, my dog is a pug, a snub-nosed dog. Many airlines will not transport a snub-nosed dog, so alternate routes had to be explored. Additionally, the process of transporting a dog to Australia is very complicated as Australia has strict import and quarantine laws.

AE Pets helped find an airline and route that would transport my dog safely and quickly, and also helped me navigate the import process. Jim worked cooperatively with agents in California and Australia to ensure all of my dog’s paperwork was accurately filled out. Additionally, AE Pets picked up my dog and took her to the numerous vet appointments, which gave me much needed time to take care of other issues related to my relocation to Australia. They managed to keep in constant contact with me during the entire process, updating me, and informing me when my dog had arrived. Fergie is now happily in Melbourne. I am a very satisfied customer.
Belinda Wilson – Melbourne Australia

We hired AE Pets to transport our pet, Lola, from Massachusetts to Southern California. Everything went really well. We were surprised at how well she did… I expected her to be anxiety-ridden or have an upset stomach or something but she is and has been totally fine! Things went well on our end in Massachusetts. Steve was great and she went right with him. And on the LA end, their guy there was very conscientious, called us the day before to introduce himself and check in, then called again the day of travel and again when they were leaving the airport so we knew when to expect them. So it was all totally seamless and great.
Sarah Cook – Long Beach, California