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If you are considering transporting your pet to Australia, it’s important to understand that the process is significantly more involved.

Legally transporting a pet to Australia can take upwards of six months. There are quite a few medical tests and examinations to conduct, large amounts of paperwork, and quarantine permits in order to make the transportation fully legal. In addition, each step of the process must be correctly timed, and any discrepancies can set the entire process back for weeks.

Requirements for an Australian pet shipment include, but are not limited to:

– Several blood tests, each of which must be correctly timed due to legal restrictions.

– Quarantine is required, and can be difficult to reserve if not handled quickly.

– An import permit is required.

– Paperwork needs to be endorsed by the USDA-APHIS office, not only once, but twice.

– More than one visit to the vet is required.

– A mandatory layover stop for transfer in Los Angeles or San Francisco.

– A Rabies blood test is required, including a six-month waiting period for results.

– The animal’s arrival to Australia is only allowed on certain days of the week, highlighting the importance of timing.

AE Pets is highly experienced in dealing with Australian international affairs and is fully equipped to handle every step of the process, saving you time, headaches, and frustration.

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